Upgrade to Windows 10 for £75.00?

On October 28th 2012 Microsoft Windows 8 will be officially released to general public. There will be a special offer on launch to upgrade for only £25.00 for existing XP, Vista and Windows 7 users. As official Microsoft Partners we have already installed the new version and quite honestly the view from all of us is a positive yes? What Microsoft are trying to achieve is a common experience whether you are using a desktop PC; a laptop; a tablet device or a smart phone. The look on each is the same and to achieve this you must login with a Windows Live username. This way your settings, favourites desktop icons are carried through onto each.

As yet we have only experienced the desktop and laptop full version Windows 8 Pro. Initially, I thought, what is this, where is the start button? But within a few minutes training I quickly found my way around. Pressing the Windows key on the keyboard replaces the start button and launches the ‘Start Screen’, this can also achieved by dragging the mouse to the traditional ‘Start Button’ location and then clicking on the pop-up. The ‘Start-up Screen ‘ is a horizontal experience which will be familiar to Windows 7 phone users. The screen icons can easily be rearranged to match your needs.

When on the Start Screen you can also find programs/apps by simply starting to type the name. Immediately when characters match then a list will appear eg typing EX will result a list of one Excel ready to launch. No need to locate the search bar, just type.

Whilst the more traditional apps have the red ‘x’ in the top right corner to enable closing as we are used to. Many of the new apps can only be closed by entering AltF4.

More to Come ………………………………….


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